Number of Electric Cars in Brighton & Hove Increased 1860% in 5 Years

The shift marks the growing prominence of the industry.

Brighton and Hove is widely regarded as a focal point for environmental action.

This is backed up by the surge in popularity in electric cars in the city.

The electric car movement is still in its infancy, and is being fine-tuned.

The efficiency of electric cars, an example being the latest Nissan Leaf, is increasing. Prices are lowering. More charging points are being made available. New models are being unveiled, with Dyson even planning to release one by 2020.

Adding to this, electric car users do not pay road tax because they have no emissions. Electricity is also a much cheaper fuel source.

These improvements are directly increasing the public acceptance and adoption of electric vehicles, making them a more viable alternative.

The Department for Transport statistics, as a result of these factors, have seen a staggering rise in electric car ownership.

In 2013 there were just 15 electric cars in usage in the city.

Now, however, there are a significantly higher 294.

To put this into perspective, this is an increase of 1860%, an enormous rise.

While Brighton and Hove does not have the highest percentage of electric vehicles – Peterborough takes this crown – this surge is highly promising.

These figures will undoubtedly continue to rise, and evidence Brighton’s commitment to a green future.

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