Old Steine’s Revamped Bus Stop Is Finally Unveiled

Image via B&H Buses on Twitter

As we reported earlier this month, one of Old Steine’s bus stops had been covered in order for a secret revamp to take place.

At last, after much anticipation, the bus stop has been unveiled and Brightonians are more than excited about it.

In celebration of the upcoming Brighton Pride event in August, the art piece celebrates togetherness and diversity.

The colourful new bus stop is sure to turn some heads and brighten up anyone who walks past it.

Yesterday the bus stop was revealed and has increased many’s excitement for Brighton Pride coming up in just a few weeks time. 

The bus stop was made-over by world renowned artists, Art+Believe, who are famous for bringing life to communal spaces with bold geometric designs. 

Brighton and Hove Buses commissioned the artwork to celebrate the city’s diversity, creativity and community spirit. 

Look out for the brand spanking new renovation when you walk past the bus stop by Royal Pavilion!

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