Outrageous Figures Of Neglect In Sussex


Children’s charity NSPCC have released statistics saying that in Sussex everyday at least one child is reported to be the victim of neglect according to The Argus.

They reported that on average they referred 8 children per week to the police or children’s services. Last year 56 cases in Brighton and Hove were referred.

Since 2011/12 the figures revealed in the NSPCC’s report, ‘How Safe are our Children?’, have almost doubled from 223 then, to 420 cases now.

More and more young people are being taken into care. In 2016, 135 children were subject to care plans for neglect according to Brighton and Hove Council.

The NSPCC has guidance on how to spot the signs of neglect in children and also have a helpline adults can use 24 hours a day. Reach them at 0808 800 5000, or email help@nspcc.org.uk or visit their website here.

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