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| September 24, 2018

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Rescue Helicopter Sent After Two Pulled Under Brighton Palace Pier

Rescue Helicopter Sent After Two Pulled Under Brighton Palace Pier
Sarah Hill
  • On August 15, 2018

The Coastguard Search and Rescue helicopter, Rescue 175, was sent to Brighton seafront last night (14 August) to assist in a life-saving rescue operation, after two people became entrapped under the Brighton Palace Pier.

The two people, a women and a man, became trapped in the water beneath the structure, and its reported that the young woman screamed for help as she was stranded under Brighton Palace Pier last night.

The RNLI Brighton Lifeboat and Shoreham Coastguard crews were called out to rescue the couple at about 8:20pm, after people noticed they were in trouble.

Police and Paramedics from South East Coast Ambulance were also present at the scene, as dozens of people lined the pier and watched from the beach as the drama unfolded.

The aforementioned coastguard helicopter was tasked to the incident to help rescue the trapped two people, but the casualties had been rescued by the lifeboat teams before it arrived.

From Brighton Lifeboats official twitter account, the rescue mission at Brighton Palace Pier was, “Launched at 20:35 to two people in the water”, which saw crews, “enter the water atto assist the Casualties.”

After the pair had been scooped into the lifeboat, emergency teams were at the shoreline standing by to recover the two people saved.

Both the man and women received medical treatment at the scene with Brighton Lifeboat stating: “One was taken to the beach and the other recovered to the Boathouse.”

The extent of the injuries are unknown but at 9.30pm it was reported that at least one of the casualties was taken to hospital.

It is unclear how the pair got into the situation and not known if they were pulled under the pier by the tide or exploring.

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