Residents Oppose Plan For 100 New Flats To Be Built On Industrial Site

An office building on School Road, Hove. Credit: movehut

Plan to build 100 flats on an industrial site in Hove have been opposed by over 200 residents.

The Crowborough based site, Cross Stone Urban Regeneration, was hoping to conclude their four year plan of redeveloping the site on School Road, Hove. However, locals aren’t happy with the proposed £10m scheme.

Locals have voiced their concerns about the height of the potential flats as well as the loss of jobs at businesses that will be forced to move and a potential loss of community facilities.

Despite this, the council seem happy with the plans claiming it will add a much needed refresh to the ageing complex of buildings.

The proposed plans would see 104 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats being built as well as an office space in blocks three or four storeys high.

Unfortunately for the developers, there have also been some issues raised regarding affordable housing, with people questioning why the three bed flats won’t be made affordable and worrying about the impact on social housing.

There will also be a car park including 89 car parking spaces as well as room for bikes and other vehicles.


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