Sad News! Brighton Puppeteer And Entertainer Andy Cunningham Has Died!

Andy Cunningham has made children all over the UK laugh with his much-loved TV show “Bodger And Badger”. On Monday, the entertainer died of cancer at the Royal Sussex County Hospital at the age of 67.

Originally reading English at Cambridge University, Cunningham became famous in the role of handyman Simon Bodger alongside his furry companion, the badly behaved and mashed potatoes-loving badger. “Bodger And Badger” was broadcasted by the BBC between 1989 and 1999.

Other TV appearances have included several uncredited roles in the Star Wars movie “Return Of The Jedi” where the talented puppeteer breathed life into Jabba the Hut’s bodyguard Ephant Mon.

Fans and other comedians have paid their tribute to Cunningham on social media. Comedian and “Bodger And Badger” co-worker Andre Vincent wrote: “He let me be his baddy in his TV show and I played Sidney Fudgepocket… I loved him and his crazy creations. Big love brother and I will truly miss you.”

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