Sun, glorious sun! Summer’s come early for Brighton

Things are heating up in Brighton this month. April has already welcomed us with that glorious summer heat and sunshine. Here at Bjournal we are working away preparing you with activities and fun to emerge yourself in this Easter holiday. Whether that’s to embrace that pub atmosphere or hit the beach. We have you covered.

Brighton’s known for it’s tourist attractions every summer, but for us locals any chance we get to be out in the sun, it’s a must for us! As we have been gifted this beautiful weather, maybe it’s best to take advantage of the available walk room to roam free. Especially finding a spot along the beach.

People have been sending me their sunshine pictures today, soaking up them rays.

The weather is due to change by the end of the week, so get them sunnies out, put on the barbeque and make the most of the warm, sunny couple of days.


Jack showing his readiness to get out in the sun!


Ryans got his sunnies on and out and about!


Daves inside today, enjoying the lovely view from the window!


Chris and friends enjoying the weather go-pro garden style!


David’s also in the garden, trying out his new camera!

Danielle and Sierra getting ready to hit the beach for that last minute sun!

Danielle and Sierra getting ready to hit the beach for that last minute sun!


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