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| August 19, 2018

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Brighton Named as the UK’s ‘Start Up Capital’

June 7, 2018 |

In a report released yesterday looking into the strength’s and successes of businesses across the country, Brighton was named as the UK’s ‘Start Up Capital’, as well as being described as being on it’s way to becoming “the UK’s hub … Read More

Brighton Economics Professor Warns Of The Dangers of Unequal Pay

January 18, 2018 |

When employees discover that colleagues doing similar work are paid more than they are it can destroy their job satisfaction and lead to psychological and physical illnesses, according to research co-led by the University of Brighton.

When staff feel ill-treated, … Read More

Brighton And Hove Living Wage Campaign

August 30, 2017 |

Some of you may have heard of this campaign which launched in 2012 which encourages local businesses to pay employees a decent hourly rate of £8.45.

This is an amount which allows a person to live rather than just survive. All … Read More

The Brighton Agents Named and Shamed For Sky-High Letting Fees

March 15, 2017 |

How much did you pay in fees when you moved house?  Brightonians will have to pay up to £720 for a two-adult household, a new survey of 112 local estate agents has revealed.

The average Brighton tenant pays £463, according … Read More

How Hove’s First Community Bakery Will Tackle Mental Health Stigma

March 9, 2017 |

At a time where most of us buy loaves from the supermarket and don’t bother to read the ingredients, father-of-two Simon Cobb is doing something revolutionary with dough.

He’s the co-director of what’s set to be Sussex’s first community supported … Read More

Unique Handwoven Colourful Contemporary Textile Pieces – Designer Elinor Rothero

January 19, 2017 |

Ellie, 24 is a creative, giggly and quirky designer from Eastbourne, now living in Hailsham. She owns an up and coming business which she describes as a “textiles brand that produces bright and colourful textiles for cushions, scarves and accessories, hand … Read More


January 12, 2017 |

Faodail Woodworks is a business built by a lovely artistic couple, Chris and Bex, who are 26, “though Chris feels 80 physically and 4 mentally.” They have been together for 3 and bit years now. Chris, from Dorking is a full time maker … Read More

“Reinventing Materials Otherwise Destined For The Rubbish Heap” – Jewellery Designer Izzie

January 5, 2017 |

Izzie is an artist based in Brighton, who creates intricate jewellery and designs from materials that were once considered waste. “I moved to this inspiring city 4 years ago to study a Masters in Sustainable Design and haven’t looked back … Read More

“My Desperate Attempt to Find a Solution for My Baby who Suffered with Severe Eczema”

December 15, 2016 | 2

Shaloam Hodge, 38, is a mother of 2 boys, a maker of natural skincare products and a graphic and website designer. “I love all things creative.” Originally from Suffolk, in her early childhood she lived in Holland and Germany for … Read More

Linda Johnson Claims She Developed The Gypsophila Technique

December 1, 2016 |

Linda’s love for making handmade items started when she was just 8, making and selling her very own leather belts “and then I thought, I think I’ll make some jewellery”. So she got some of her Mum’s old jewellery and … Read More