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| September 19, 2018

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Police Arrest Prolific Gang Who Brought Class-A Drugs Into Brighton

July 12, 2018 |

Police have disrupted the operations of a major drug gang who dealt in the Brighton area. The dealers were importing from South East London, bringing in heroin and crack cocaine. The gang of 8 were sentenced at Lewes Crown Court, … Read More

Brighton Named as the UK’s ‘Start Up Capital’

June 7, 2018 |

In a report released yesterday looking into the strength’s and successes of businesses across the country, Brighton was named as the UK’s ‘Start Up Capital’, as well as being described as being on it’s way to becoming “the UK’s hub … Read More

Preston Park Residents Form Group to Fight Train Timetable Changes

June 5, 2018 |

Preston Park residents have come together to create a Facebook group in order to fight against the recent timetable changes.

‘Preston Park Train Campaign’ was created by locals in attempt to protest against train timetable changes, that have left them … Read More

Passengers Face Further Disruptions on Trains Between London and Brighton

June 4, 2018 |

There’s even more disruption expected for passengers who regularly use the line between Brighton and London – there will be no direct trains running between the two cities for an entire week, between 20th – 28th October, as well as … Read More

[FOUND] Brighton Teenager Keziah Pateman Missing

December 12, 2017 |

Police are concerned for missing teenager Keziah Pateman from Brighton.

Keziah, 14, was last seen walking to school at 8.40am on Monday morning, (December 11).

She is black, 5’ 3”, of large build and with black hair tied up … Read More

Humans of Brighton: Jackson Wants Everyone To Try Dim Sum

September 3, 2017 |

Like many others Jackson is down at the beach here in Brighton for a weeks holiday. He has been living in London for a year and a half, doing sales. He came to the UK because he knew relatively little about London … Read More

Top 5 Tips For A Healthier You Via Your Nutritional Blueprint

August 25, 2017 |

Your Nutritional Blueprint is a company in Hove which is committed to helping people be more confident with their health and daily habits. Their nutrition coaches guide people and help them improve their knowledge in regards to their individual requirements … Read More

Increasing Rail Fares!

August 15, 2017 |

Rail commuters will find out today how much train tickets will rise by next year.

Due to the Office for National Statistics inflation data, people are fearing the increase will be the highest in the last five years.

It is … Read More

Brighton Is Named Most Entrepreneurial City In The UK

July 18, 2017 |

Instant Offices analysed data which compared the rate of business growth with population estimates, and found that Brighton is the most entrepreneurial city in the UK.

London the UK’s capital ranked 12th place, coming after cities like Manchester, Birmingham and … Read More

20 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Brighton

June 5, 2017 |

Home to so much music, film and culture, there is many a fun fact to be told about Brighton and we’re here to tell them.


Okay so this one’s not so surprising but it would feel wrong to leave it … Read More