Tailor-Made Coats, Scooters & Chelsea Boots! Brighton might get a Mod Museum!

What to put into Brighton’s seafront arches along Madeira Drive once the big renovation project will be completed? Well, why not a Mod Museum celebrating this generation of young and stylish teenagers?

Local Mod fans have shown their full support for the idea. They have even offered their help to create an authentic experience if the plans for the museum will be approved.

They were one of the first modern teenage generations to care about fashion, haircuts and modern jazz music. What started as a small group of stylish teenagers in London back in the 60s, became a widespread subculture that also took over Brighton. Typical characteristics for this mouvement were their scooters, Chelsea or Beatle Boots and stylish parkers.

Picture taken from here.

Picture taken from here.

As Brighton still counts as the spiritual home of the mod culture with the annual Brighton Mod Weekender in August, a Mod Museum surely seems like a good idea to attract even more mod fans from all over the world. However, it is by far not the only idea about how to use the arcade space once the planned £30 million restoration works on the Madeira Terraces will be completed.

Other ideas that are taken into account are a Brighton version of London’s Tate Modern, restaurant, cafe and hotel spaces, boutiques or a motor racing museum.

Only time will tell which idea will make the race. Maybe Brighton will get its very own Mod Museum.

Featured image taken from here.

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