The Book As An Art Form: Press & Release At The Phoenix Gallery

Next week a truly fascinating exhibition is coming to the Phoenix gallery in Brighton. Press & Release is “an exhibition of boundary-breaking bookworks within a stunning, specially designed space” featuring the work of many notable contemporary artists who approach the book as an art form. For some, the material of the book is the key, to others the image and the text carry equal weight.

image by Alex Proimos

image by Alex Proimos

Press & Release was curated by Maddy Rosenberg, the director of New York’s CENTRAL BOOKING art space. The display has been designed by Curious Space, who are Brighton based exhibition designers. Exhibitors include Book Art Museum, Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine, Despo Magoni, Max Marek, Heidi Neilson, Mary Tin, Buzz Spector and so many more fascinating artists from around the world. Rosenberg said “This is an exhibition of contemporary artists who work with the book as an art form, whether it be the word in search of the visual or the visual seeking the word or a balancing act between the two, these international artists incorporate old and new technology, materials that may or may not include paper, and for that matter, may or may not include printing, sometimes searching back in history for technologies even simpler than the printing press.’

This exhibition embodies a ‘fresh, experimental and daring approach to the wide ranging filed of artist’s books, and also reveals the surprising and imaginative ways in which artists utilise technologies, old and new, in the process of realising their vision.’ It will be on display from April 30th until June and is free at the Phoenix Gallery in Brighton.


Holly Martin

feature image: Adam via the Creative Commons license

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