The Closest Thing to Living in Hobbiton

If you are like me and have dreamed of living in the Shire you will be pleased to know you can now make that dream a reality. Sort of. Not really, but it’s the closest we’ll ever get to living in Hobbiton. Green Magic Homes have made homes that are designed to exist under a layer of grass and soil, making it look identical to the Middle-Earth homes. Chic and modern, these homes come either ready-made or tailored to your exact specification, and are capable of housing a small kitchen, lounge and dining room. There are also larger designs available, from large three bedroom pads to separate pods to house gyms and offices.

Green Magic Homes is a prefabricated modular building sysem, with Fiber Reinforced Polymer. This contains pieces carefully designed to create a number of possibilities for space, access, lighting, ventilation and connection. The homes can withstand an earthquake with a magnitude of 10 on the Richter scale, and they are also able to be placed in a desert or snowy landscape, according to designers. The top layer of the home and the embankments around it are wrapped in a geo-textile weft open and covered entirely with grass or other vegetation that stabilises the Earth in the long term by the action of the rooting, making it completely eco-friendly. There is also enough room to install a pool or a hot tub. The pads start at $14,998 which converts to £10,047 and you can find out more about them here.

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Holly Martin

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