‘The Grouch Who Couldn’t Steal Christmas’ at The Rialto Theatre 4-6 Jan.


Christmas was here! The presents, the food – the time spent dodging questions from family members – has now passed!

Sadly, for most of us, Christmas only lasts a day. Some will drag out the festive season till New Year’s Day. Then, it is back to boring, carol-less, cheerless, present-less January…or is it?

The Fertile Theatre Company has made it their mission to make the festive season last a little longer than usual by putting on their musical, “The Grouch Who Couldn’t Steal Christmas”. Playing at The Rialto from 4th January, the play is a spoof of Dr. Seuss’s “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” with original music written by director and actor Catherine Carpenter.

The Fertile Theatre Company is run by Jessica McCloy-Campbell and Sophie Watson, who met at Northbrook College Sussex. After working on their senior project together, they decided to start a company together. “She’s just as mad as I am” says Watson about her partner in crime, and describes the process of putting on a show from scratch as a stressful and tiring situation from which they both get a buzz.

Their first play, Loot received rave reviews during the Brighton Fringe in 2015 and they’re hoping to get better with each performance.
If you find yourselves wishing Christmas wasn’t over then fret not, as The Grouch Who Couldn’t Steal Christmas will be on from the 4th till the 6th of January at the Rialto Theatre.
For a sneak peak of the show click here https://vimeo.com/149579121fertile

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