The Man Bun Has Finally Been Defeated…by the Man Braid

Good news! The man bun is dead! We have left the controversial man bun in 2015 much to the joy of many, but don’t get the party poppers out yet, the man bun has been replaced by another male hair trend and we predict that it will be even more controversial than the mun. The maid. By maid, we mean man braid. Following in his father’s footsteps and setting ridiculous hair trends (no amount of underwear photo-shoots can make us forget that double ponytail) Brooklyn Beckham firmly cemented the man braid as the hair trend of the moment when he posted a photo of his own braid on Instagram.

These hipster gentlemen have got rid of the man bun (way too mainstream) and have taken on the braid as their own. We must say, some of these are extremely impressive and they definitely get an A* for creativity and skill. Braids are fiddly work, and whilst it has the potential to be as despised as the man bun, at least they’re interesting to look at. The hashtag manbraid has thousands of results on Instagram, all of men showing off their braiding skills. Take a look at some of our favourites below.

#manbun #manbraid #shulove check this out by @alittlesnippy #nsmconnect

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Not gonna lie… I'm totally digging this #manbraid.

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#manneflette #manbraid #loveit

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gave my friend paul a #manbraid tonight

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Holly Martin

feature image: Haley McCartney

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