Torrid Tuesday leaves 30 tonnes of Rubbish on Brighton Beach

This week’s Tuesday can also be described as the single most busiest Tuesday Brighton beach has ever a seen.

However, as a result an unprecedented amount of rubbish and general litter was left sprawled across the beach as thousands ventured down to the seafront to enjoy the hottest day of the year.

Many furious locals vented their anger on social media to convey their dismay at what had been left on the beach. Many groups had obviously failed to clear their rubbish away after their visit.

Naomi Bennet @naomi_b30: “This really p****s me off. Its disrespectful and lazy.Just put it in the bins/take it home. Grrrr!”

Annabel Hayes, a local student told us: “Me and my boyfriend went to walk our dog on the beach early on Wednesday and couldn’t believe the volume of rubbish that had been left. The litter is not only unsightly but is potentially very dangerous to local wildlife. We walk down here a lot and even after busy days such as pride or other hot days in recent years we have never seen it this bad. It really isn’t hard to pick up your litter and if everyone does it, we all really feel the benefits of a clean and tidy beach.”

Thousands flocked to the beach to enjoy the hottest day of the year.

Thousands flocked to the beach to enjoy the hottest day of the year.

It took a fourteen strong team from the Council to collect all the rubbish which amounted to over 30 tonnes from the beach and bins along the seafront alone. This is a record for the most rubbish ever collected in one morning.

Brighton and Hove City Council’s lead councillor for the Environment Gill Mitchell said: “On hot sunny days when thousands of day trippers arrive in the city and leave a mountain of rubbish behind them, clearing up afterwards is always a challenge.

“We continue to urge visitors to dispose of their rubbish responsibly, either by finding a bin or taking it home with them. There are dozens of bins along the seafront and even on the beach itself to make it easy to dispose of litter. There are also special bins for barbecues. Our beach cleaning crews do a fantastic job working from 5am to 10pm seven days a week and emptying litter bins on the seafront and in the city centre several times each day. During the summer months we also employ 20 additional street cleansing staff and put extra litter bins on the beach. We also urge people not to take glass onto the beach as it is difficult to clear up smashed glass in among the pebbles.”

How do you think the council could combat litter problems on days like Tuesday? Are harsher on the spot fines the solution?

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