Urban Decay Announces Their New ‘Most Addictive Vice’

Urban Decay, the cult beauty giants, are celebrating their twentieth year this year and in celebration of this milestone the company have pulled out all the stops. Mere days after they released a whole new line of shadows and eyeliners, they’ve announced the new face of the brand: Ruby Rose.

Ruby Rose is best known for her role in the hit Netflix show, Orange is the New Black – image: PR

If you thought they couldn’t get a better fit than Gwen Stefani, be prepared to be wrong because we cannot think of anyone better than the Orange is the New Black star. Let’s clear something up though, she is not their new ambassador, she’s the ‘Most Addictive New Vice’ which, whatever that means, is a role that was made for her. Wende Zomnir, the founding partner of UD, said “When Ruby Rose hit the scene, we were immediate hooked: with her badass look, f***-it attitude and playful spirit, she nails what it means to be feminine, dangerous and fun”. Who wasn’t hooked when Ruby Rose took to our screens at a stupid time in the morning because we couldn’t stop watching OITNB?

image by Urban Decay

Speaking about her new role, Ruby said “Urban Decay believes in supporting individuality and personal self-expression – two values I hold very dear – because everyone deserves the freedom eto explore their personality and discover their true selves.” Though the brand have yet to release any details on what her partnership might entail, apart from the ultra-cool title, we’re very excited to see what they have in store for us. In the meantime, you can check out their other products at their website.


Holly Martin


feature image: TOM SCHIRMACHER

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