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| October 20, 2018

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Wadars to the Rescue – 999 for Animals in Need

Wadars to the Rescue – 999 for Animals in Need
Holly Martin

We are featuring an animal charity this week for our charity Tuesday feature. Wadars are an Animal Rescue Service based in Worthing, who provide care and protection for animals of all kinds. Established in 1969, Wadars have become a leading animal rescue charity, and rescues and rehabilitates more than 1,500 injured and orphaned wildlife a year, whilst rehoming over 600 unwanted or abandoned pets. At any one time, Wadars have more than 50 dogs, cats and other pets in their care.

Wadars have a team of welfare officers who respond to calls from the general public about animals they think are in peril. In the summer months, Wadars can receive more than sixty calls a day. Unfortunately, Wadars do not have their own homing centre, and are having to use commercial kennels. Catteries or wildlife sanctuaries until suitable homes can be found.

There are many ways in which you can help Wadars, from donating to becoming a community ambassador or even becoming a volunteer fosterer. For example, pregnant cats can take up a lot of time and space and can prevent the workers form being able to help other animals in need, therefore fostering a mother and her kittens can really help the charity out.

You can play a vital role in providing a safe environment for the kittens to spend the first few weeks of their lives, as well as socialising the kittens to get ready for rehoming. You can also foster animals that are in need of recuperation. This involves taking in an animal that has had Veterinary treatment and need some extra care whilst they recover.

Another way of helping Wadars is by recycling. They have a deposit box in Hangleton Lane and you can recycle anything from mobile phones to banknotes and coins (even foreign and outdated currency), unwanted gold and silver to old film cameras and Sat Navs. Or, maybe you are thinking about a new addition to the family? Wadars have some wonderful animals who are in desperate need of a new, loving home, so if you are considering a new addition, why not a rescue animal? You can find out more about Wadars here.

If there’s a charity based in and around Brighton that you think we should be featuring, we would love to hear from you!


Holly Martin

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