Watch: Marzia Shares Her Love for Brighton

Youtube sensation Marzia Bisognin is best known for her cutesy videos about her unique wardrobe, adorable pugs, and dates with her Youtube-famous boyfriend Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (better known as PewDiePie). The 24-year-old went for something a little different this week, treating her fans to a tour of Brighton which includes Komedia, The Royal Pavillion, and the beach huts.

The video has been watched almost half a million times. Hardly surprising, seeing as the Youtube princess has earned a total of 550 million views on her videos as of last month!

Marzia and Felix, who started dating in 2011, moved to Brighton in the Summer of 2013. It’s clear to see just why they love it here! Felix has said he likes the relative anonymity that comes with living in London-by-the-sea, especially compared to his time in Los Angeles.

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