Watch: Seal Joins Brighton Busker For a Spontaneous Duet

Need something heartwarming to brighten your rainy weekend? This tale is sure to raise a smile!

Last summer, ex-Brighton busker Poppy WS was performing as usual in Manchester when Seal spotted her talent and made her day. He sang alongside her in a rendition of Kiss From a Rose, much to the delight of shoppers passing by. Here’s the full video:

But that wasn’t the end of the story; Seal then offered her a shot at stardom by inviting her to open for him at one of his shows. Poppy went from solo busking in Picadilly Gardens to performing for a crowd of 2,000 in just hours.

Speaking to the audience at the show, Seal said:  “I was on a walkabout today and heard the dulcet tones of this beautiful lady.

“She was busking downtown so I’m bringing her to you from the streets of your very own Manchester.”

Poppy told the Manchester Evening News the experience had been “an absolute dream come true” and “a surreal whirlwind”. She is now living in Manchester while working on producing her first original acoustic album, and continues to busk regularly.


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