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| October 20, 2018

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Ways To Break Bad Habits

Ways To Break Bad Habits
Emily Stoner

We all have heard it takes 2 weeks to make or break bad habits, but is this true? It is over half way through the year so maybe it is time to revisit those New Years Resolutions and make sure we are on track!

Here are some ways to help you break bad habits:

  • Identify the bad habits – This may sound extremely obvious, but sometimes we do things in our lives which make us miserable, and we don’t even realise we do them. Try and look at your life and what you are doing and why. If you don’t immediately feel joy about your action, is it something that will bring you joy in the long term? If not, why are you wasting your time!
  • Replace it with a good habit – So you know that you drive to the store down the road, even though you could walk but chose to drive because you are lazy. By walking you will reap the rewards of exercise and feel so much better for it. By replacing a bad habit with something good you will immediately be more motivated to stick to it, you will feel so much better and less guilty.
  • Cut out all triggers – Some habits may be addictions, like smoking or eating sugar to make you feel better, not all of them are but some will be. Mindless actions that you don’t even realise you do. By recognising why we do these things we will be more aware and less likely to do them. For example if you only smoke on your work breaks decide to spend your time calling a friend or getting a coffee, just knowing that your work break is when you usually smoke is a good step to understanding how to stop this habit.
  • Do it with a friend – If you rope a friend into quitting or cutting something bad out of their life, you will be more motivated to succeed. Someone will be there to hold you accountable. This means keeping them on track also, because if you give up and quit they have a reason to quit too.
  • Failing is inevitable – Straying off track is bound to happen, but make sure this doesn’t stop you completely. Some days you may just need the old comfort or are too tired to keep up your new habit and that is okay and totally allowed. You need to stay sane after all and feeling bad about it won’t do you any good! So be content with the winding road to success. If you are trying to eat healthy, eat the best you can, and don’t beat yourself up! Even the smallest change can help.

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