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| October 21, 2018

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What Happened Jun 27th? Brighton News Roundup

What Happened Jun 27th? Brighton News Roundup
Tom Bull
  • On June 27, 2016

In the wake of the EU debacle, it has been a busy Monday in the UK. There is a question mark hanging over Jeremy Corbyn’s head and the ongoing saga of the next Conservative leader still not deciding, it has been a very political week or so. 

With that in mind, here are all the biggest talking points for Brighton today.

A petition for Brighton to leave the UK all together has started to pick up steam. Following last weeks debate over Brighton’s place in the United Kingdom, a petition has been signed thousands of times over the concept of Brighton remaining in the EU by separating themselves from the rest of the nation.

brighton tweet

A motorbike rider was injured this morning near the Fox On The Downs Pub at the top of Elm Grove. The collision took place at around 9 am this morning and the rider is being treated for minor injuries.


The Fox on the Downs Pub

Concorde 2 is set to undergo a huge revamp. Following reports that it is structurally sound, the cult venue is due to undergo a £50,000 makeover. The venue will be shut for a week on the 13th of July whilst the bars are remodelled and fitted with all new lighting. Great news for Brighton’s music scene.


Concorde2 is set to undergo a huge remodelling

A gathering has been organised on Facebook for remain voters. Following last weeks small referendum Brighton came out in force to vote to stay in the EU, and tomorrow is an opportunity for those who feel disheartened by the result to come together and show the power of unity.

the level

The Level will play host to tomorrows gathering…Photo via Facebook

And finally Southern Rail have won an award for passenger experience. Honestly. GTR, The Southern Franchise, has been recognised for all their great work at the Railway Innovation Awards. Check out here and here to look at all the great work they do, and read more about the award here!

Protesters mingled with commuters while Southern Rail employee looked on

Last weeks Southern protest.


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