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| August 15, 2018

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What’s On This Weekend! October 13th – October 15th

What’s On This Weekend! October 13th – October 15th
Scott Claridge

Friday – Friday 13th Murder Tour, Brighton After Dark @ The Clock Tower, Queens Road

The evenings are getting colder, and halloween is just around the corner, however today brings us arguably an even spookier day. Friday the 13th. What better way to spend Friday the 13th, a date often regarded as being the unluckiest of the year, than to spend it walking around the darkest, most haunted areas of Brighton.

The £5 tour, which starts at 20:00 and finishes at 21:30, explores the places occupied by the most mysterious ghost stories Brighton has to offer.

Due to the frightening nature of the tour, it is not suitable for children or under 16, or for those who are generally too scared. It claims in the event that you will discover these following things:

“The Chocolate Box Poisoner
The Trunk Murders
Reverend Wagner and the home for ” fallen women ”
The Black Monk – ghost of The Lanes”

As mysterious as they sound, the only way you will find out what they truly are you will have to explore Brighton tonight and find out for yourself. Not one for the faint hearted!

via Visit Brighton website

Friday – The Messy Edge: Exploring the Frontiers of Digital Culture @ Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts

Located in the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts (ACCA) on the beautiful campus of the University of Sussex, this conference is ran by the Brighton Digital Festival, and will explore the various forms of aesthetics present within digital culture. They will explore this through talks from a variety of established speakers as well as artists’ work.

They claim in the event description the conference “will challenge dominant perspectives and provide a space to think about how we run the risk, despite the opportunities that digital gives us, of building a future on the deeply flawed foundations of the present.”

This event suits both people who have academic knowledge in the digital field, as well as people who want to newly explore a topic that is becoming ever more relevant to our society.

The event runs from 11:00 – 17:00, costs £20 and includes tea/coffee and lunch.

via Oktoberfest Brighton Facebook page

Friday/Saturday – Oktoberfest Brighton @ The Level

This is an essential for all you beer and booze lovers out there! Taking place annually in Munich every year, the original Oktoberfest is the largest beer festival in the world and lasts for around 16 to 18 days.

However, luckily for us Brightonians, we don’t have to travel all the way to Germany to celebrate delicious German beer and food alike. The (admittedly smaller) Brighton version is always as lively as can be, and is made up of a huge variety of different stalls selling traditional hot and cold German food such as sausages and pretzels, as well as icy Steins filled to the brim with the finest beer.


via Worried About Henry Facebook page

Friday – Worried About Henry presents Playaz Recordings w/ DJ Hype b2b Hazard, Sub Zero b2b Annix, Taxman & more
This one is for the ravers, with local club night Worried About Henry bringing yet another stellar drum and bass lineup to Brighton’s seafront, this time showcasing the renowned Playaz Recordings at the Arch.
Headlining the event is DJ Hype b2b DJ Hazard, the former of which co-runs Playaz Recordings itself, and the latter having established himself as one of the key players in the genres with renowned rave classics such as ‘Mr Happy’ and ‘Bricks Don’t Roll.’ The rest of the lineup follows suit in terms of musical production and DJ talent, and this should truly not be missed!

via The Brighton Soul Train Facebook page

Saturday – The Brighton Soul Train @ Concorde 2

If the above drum and bass doesn’t quite tick all the boxes for your big night out this weekend, perhaps this may be more up your street. The Brighton Soul Train is a club night that will take you back to a downright funkier time, filled with Funk, Soul, Disco and Motown Classics.

This event, which only happens four times a year, will occupy both rooms of club/music venue Concorde 2 on Brighton’s promenade and will include extra additions such as dancers, extra lighting and visuals, dance offs, as well as make up artists to make you look the part.

via Brighton House website

Saturday – Brighton Dome Backstage Tour

If perhaps you are after more of a cultural escapade this weekend then what better way to spend it than by exploring one of Brighton’s most notorious venues, the Brighton Dome.

As a venue that has hosted musical royalty throughout the years such as Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and Beyoncé, as well as being used as the stables for the Prince Regent’s horses, it is a place filled with prestige and wonder. The tour not only takes you through the main concert hall and stage, but also through lesser seen areas such as the entrance to the infamous tunnel that connects the Royal Pavilion.


via GoGo Penguin Facebook page

Sunday – GoGo Penguin: Koyaanisqatsi @ Brighton Dome

GoGo Penguin’s music is often as enigmatic as their name, with their music crossing boundaries between melancholic trip-hop influenced beats as well as all out odd-time signature jazz. However, this new project sees them perform their own original score to Godfrey Reggio’s cult film Koyaanisqatsi, which will be played alongside the live performance.

As huge fans of the film when it came out, in 2015 they wrote and performed their own original score for the movie, and this gig sees them revisit this project once again. Whether you are a film or music connoisseur, this will truly be a spectacle that needs to be witnessed, especially in the impressive space of the Brighton Dome.

via Preloved Kilo Facebook page

Sunday – Brighton Preloved Vintage Kilo @ The Open Market

The perfect way to tone down your busy weekend takes place here in the ever-vibrant Open Market. Where clothes shopping can usually be an ordeal due to both the tedious task of hopping from shop to expensive shop, at the Brighton Preloved Vintage Kilo sale, they make shopping both more exciting, affordable and fashionable.

Upon entry you are given a large bag that you then can fill as much as you want with the finest vintage clothes Brighton has to offer, including branded sportswear, jackets, blazers, jumpers, dresses, shoes, handbags, windbreakers, and much more. The bag is then weighed at the till, with one kilo of clothes costing £15! Definitely worth a trip down to what is quickly becoming a busier and busier event every time.



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