When The Main Stage Stays Dark! Out Of Hour Events At Theatre Royal!

Photo via Theatre Royal.

Venturing under the stage, sneaking into the dressing rooms, having a drink at the actors only bar… Have you ever fancied having a look behind the scenes of Brighton’s Theatre Royal? As the venue’s main stage will stay dark during a week in the beginning of August, visitors will get the chance to take part in a series of Out of Hours events and activities taking place in areas of the historic building they usually don’t have access to.

Originally designed to prevent a full performance stop during an unexpected dark period, the Out of Hours events have turned into a set part of the venue’s annual programme. They consist of a series of small scale performances and workshops that take place, as you probably would have guessed, outside the usual stage times. While venturing off the beaten areas of the theatre, participants can explore the history and heritage of the building itself and have a peek behind the scenes.

Exploring the areas behind the stage. Photo via Theatre Royal.

Exploring the areas behind the stage. Photo via Theatre Royal.

This year’s Out of Hours will run from the 3rd to the 10th of August with a series of events for all ages. Performed deep beneath the theatre’s main stage, Blue will take audiences on a delightful journey into the world of a little puppet receiving a magical birthday present while The Sorrowful Tale of Sleeping Sidney is a rather macabre puppet show about intrigue, obsession, murder and confectionery.

Those who aren’t big fans of puppet shows and creating their own Puppet Idols can venture through the theatre on one of the Torchlight Tours, enjoy a Twilight Picnic or follow Victorian magicians Miller & Brooks through their Gaslight Tales.

As part of the events, the outside of the building will turn into an Enchanted Forest, decorated with lanterns, sun prints, rainbow catchers and paper cut pictures participants can design in one of the creative workshops run by Brighton artist Abi Horn.

Out of Hours will run at the Theatre Royal Brighton from August 3 to August 10. For detailed information, check on each event.

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