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| September 24, 2018

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Who Loves Biscuits? We Spoke To Saskia Founder Of Life’s A Biscuit!

Who Loves Biscuits? We Spoke To Saskia Founder Of Life’s A Biscuit!
Hannah Molnar

Saskia, 29 is half Dutch and East Londoner is now living in “beautiful Brighton.” She moved over to Brighton from London to study art at uni. “I always assumed I’d move straight back and feel a bit treacherous to London that I didn’t but I love it here!”

How would you describe Life’s a Biscuit?

“Sweet and biscuit inspired jewellery, magnets and accessories”

How did you build it?

“In my final year at uni one of my friends and I made little gummy bear brooches and sold them to our peers to make money for our mid-afternoon tea and doughnut fund.  After I graduated I carried on making delicious looking goodies.  It’s grown very naturally, from working in the corner of my kitchen I now have a studio where I spend half my week.”


What were your influences and who were your inspirations?

“Sounds cheesy but No. 1 would be my dad.  When my siblings and I were little he’d help us do ‘junk modelling’ (making robots and all sorts from recycling) and he’s always encouraged us to be creative.  He’s still the person I’ll talk to when I’m doubting my creative choices and he always talks me back into confidence!  All my friends at uni were super creative and continue to be, they inspire me with their own making.  It’s a tough world, making and selling your own work, it’s important that we support and share our knowledge with each other.  Alan Fletcher was a huge influence for me in my choices to go into an art degree, the volume of work he produced was amazing and he didn’t just stick to graphics, he made lots of 3D things too.”


Where would you like to see yourself taking your business?

“I’d love to be able to make a proper part time income on it.  I work in Brighton university too and it supplements part of my studio time.  I also want to keep growing creatively in and with it, not get stuck in a biscuit rut!”

What makes you passionate about your business?

“Is it too obvious to say biscuits? I love making things!  One of the processes I most enjoy is making and using moulds.  All the biscuit and sweet related things I make for Life’s a Biscuit are hand made by me in these moulds.  It’s so fun to do a craft fair and people’s faces lighting up as they see my work- even if they don’t buy it most people come over and want to take a good look and chat about them.  Everyone has their favourite biscuits!”


Where do you sell?

“Craft fairs like Craft Fox and on”

Have you got any other hobbies?

“I like making and that doesn’t just have to be with resin… I like sewing, painting, baking, walking, hanging out and being silly with friends!”

If you could be an animal, which would you be?

“A cat because it’s freezing right now and then I could be all snuggled up warm in a cosy corner or laying across a radiator!”


What effect would you like your work to have on the world?

“To make people happy”

What makes you happy?

“Being with people I love, and the sea.”

What is one of your biggest achievements?

“I did a 200km trek across Nicaragua when I was 19… physically the hardest thing I’ve ever done but so amazing to get to the end knowing I’d walked every step of the way!”

What do you love about Brighton?

“From almost any location I can look up and see the beach or the downs in the distance. The way I can walk pretty much everywhere because it’s small, the people who are happy and interesting and inspire me and challenge me to think about the way I live.”


What would be your message to humanity?


Anything more that you might have planned for the future, events,
markets, upcoming promotions?

“New products will be out on etsy soon… I’ve been working on some very realistic custard cream keyrings and am applying for some spring fairs so keep an eye on my Instagram and other social media.”



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