Women: The Greatest Story Never Told Workshop Tomorrow!

Tomorrow at the Whitehawk Inn, the Free University Brighton are hosting a talk on working-class women in history. Women: The Greatest Story Never Told is a one-off workshop in which you will “learn about extraordinary women who are ‘hidden from history’. From the earliest humans to modern day, you’ll get a glimpse into cultural practices from the past that have shaped how women behave, how they regard themselves and how they are perceived by others”

image by RV1864

image by RV1864

Sheila Rowbotham observed that the lives and experiences of most working-class women have been ‘hidden from history’ and that we need to understand how we are moulded and conditioned by our history. The workshop will look at the subordinate position of women, “the narrowly defined female role, the attitudes towards women and the low self-esteem in which so many women hold themselves”. It will look at the earlier age of the industrial society and understand why women’s work was not as valued as men’s.

image by RV1864

image by RV1864

The Free University Brighton organises and publicises free educational events across the City. It aims to “grow an alternative education system that benefits us all, whoever we are, whatever our financial means” and offers courses, practical workshops, lectures, talks and debates on a multitude of topics. The Free University Brighton “is both a protest against the growing marketization of education and a practical response. It is inspired by the free school movement of the late 18th and early 19th Centuries, the 1960s Anti-university movement, the Occupy movement and other contemporary free universities around the world.” You can find out more about tomorrow’s workshop here.


Holly Martin


feature image: Leonard Bentley via the Creative Commons license

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