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Now the clocks have gone back, it’s getting dark much earlier and the weather is becoming considerably worse, many people will be reluctant to go out on their daily run or bicycle ride. Not only is it quite miserable but as it gets darker it becomes much more dangerous for those not on the road. Dark paths, especially if you go offroad, can be particularly dangerous and you can be prone to injuries and if you are on the road you run the risk of not being seen. Many people opt out of outdoor exercise this time of year but also don’t want to pay a ridiculous amount for the gym. So what do you do? Luckily, in the age of smart phones, there’s an app for everything and this includes health and fitness. So here are some great workout apps that don’t require you to leave your house.

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Skimble Work Out Trainer: This is one of my favourite fitness apps and one I use regularly. You enter your information, what your goals are, how often you exercise and what is holding you back from exercising such as lack of time or motivation. You can also set the app to remind you to work out. It lets you choose a programme and although you have to pay for these programmes, the cheapest is $2.99 and the most expensive is $9.99 for a four week programme, which is considerably less than a month’s gym membership.

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7 Minute Workout: Another favourite of mine, and one that you can do anywhere as long as you have enough space to lie down, and a wall to lean on. The seven minute workout doesn’t seem like much but don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll come out of it without a raised heartrate. The seven minute workout is really quick and easy and is particularly good for those who don’t have the time to do an extended workout.

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Sworkit: If you’re the type to get bored of repeating a workout over and over and forever want to find more exercises to mix up your routine, Sworkit is definitely the best app for you. Whichever type of workout you choose to do, from yoga to stretching to cardio, the app will randomise the appropriate workouts so you never feel like you’re doing the same routine twice. It’s free, but if you want to save routines, or access more exercises then you can buy the premium version for much less than a personal trainer.

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Pocket Yoga: If you want to try Yoga, yet don’t have the money or the time to go to a class, or you aren’t sure if you’ll like it, Pocket Yoga is a great app to buy. It gives you hundreds of poses and has detailed voice and video instructions as well as detailing the proper execution and the health benefits of each pose. You can choose from three practices and durations and logs your progress.

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Nike+ Training Club: Of course, a training app by Nike was going to make the list. With over 100 workouts from the Nike trainers you can choose which workouts and which programmes you want and customise them to suit you. You can also create a Nike+profile and add friends to train with. The app also measures your progress.

So there are some great workout apps, all help you achieve the results you need without breaking the bank or venturing out into the cold.


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