WOULD YOU RATHER… Find True Love OR 10 Million Pounds?

Ben, 29 answered: “True love… Actually I’m changing my mind as we speak hahaha. They say you can’t buy happiness, I don’t know if that’s true or not. I don’t really know what true love is either.. Uhhh I could do loads of awesome things with 10 million pounds, like help other people. Or I could spend it all on sweets. Yeah I’ll go for the 10 million pounds!”


Nathalie answered: “Ummm… True love. I’m a bit of an optimist. I know it’s a bit cliché but love isn’t material and material possessions don’t always bring you everything you need. If you look at all the rich billionaires, they’re just so miserable, so definitely, true love.”


Richie, 22 answered: “I’ve already got true love so I’ll just keep that and have the 10 million pounds please! That would be excellent”


Charlotte, 21 answered: “True love.. I don’t know maybe that’s a bit sobby but love conquers all! I don’t really value money that much to be honest, you know like obviously you can kind of gain minimal and immediate happiness from it but you know, true love…”

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