WOULD YOU RATHER… Legally change your last name to Hitler OR never eat chocolate again?

Elizabeth, 21 says: “I’d rather never eat chocolate again, I’m a history student so changing my name to Hitler is just not an option!”


Chiara, from Italy, turning 23 in two weeks time answered: “I think I’d change my last name to Hitler because then I’d change the stigma and the reputation that the name represents. So people could picture Hitler as a nice person, like me but without erasing history. You can’t change history but this way people could associate the name with either me or a psychopath. Chocolate is too important. I’m from Italy and I we love Nutella over there. I can’t live a life without Nutella.”


Jade, 20 says: “I’d rather never eat chocolate again, I’m already not a big fan of chocolate so that’s easy!”


Jessy, 22, Bethan, 20 & Chloe, 21 all agreed that they’d rather never eat chocolate ever again!

“Everything we stand for… our political beliefs… if your name was Hitler it would change everything…”

“Even though it is just by association, it would just be too big of a cultural taboo.”

“I think to actually change your name to Hitler, would be showing disrespect. To choose to eat chocolate over all the oppression associated with that name is actually a really sad idea.”


Mel & Amanda both 22 years old answered…

Mel (right): “Hitler! I love chocolate. I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t eat chocolate.”

Amanda (left): “I would probably choose to never eat chocolate again. I figure that I could compromise with hazelnut or toffee or something.”


Nathalie, 29 & Sebastian, 29 answered…

Nathalie: “Ahhhhhhhh….”

Sebastian: “Never eat chocolate again!”

Nathalie: “I think I could manage living without chocolate but not with changing my name to Hitler, that would be just terrible.”


Tom, 25: “Never eat chocolate again. Not a massive fan of chocolate but I’d rather do that than be known to be associated with the name Hitler!”

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