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| December 14, 2018

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30p to pee? Council introduces public toilet fee in Brighton and Hove

30p to pee? Council introduces public toilet fee in Brighton and Hove
Georgia Brown

It has been confirmed that those who use public toilets across Brighton and Hove will now incur a compulsory 30p charge to use the service, in the hopes that the planned toilet refurbishments can now begin.


The income from the new toilet charge is expected to raise an extra £550’000 the council has budgeted towards refurbishment costs. Healthmatic have indicated that income generation to the council could be as much as £70,678 in the first full year of operation. With popular tourist events such as Pride and Brighton Marathon, the public toilets could act as a primary source of valuable income.


Toilets in Brighton’s Pavilion Gardens are due to receive the benefit of the income first, with improvement plans due to begin in the coming months. The 30p charge will be introduced at 11 public toilet sites across Brighton and Hove.


In July this year, members of Brighton and Hove City Council’s Policy, Resources and Growth Committee declined proposals to introduce a 30p to use the public loos. However, the council met again on Thursday (11th October) confirming the charge was a necessary implementation to ensure the improvement of public toilets in the city.


There is growing concern that the new charge will greatly affect the thousands of homeless people who sleep on the streets in Brighton & Hove. As homeless rates hit a record high in 2018, with Brighton having the second largest homeless population in the UK, the new charge could be crippling to those who have no access to a private toilet.


Some may wonder what people can do if they do not have exact change. In a world where cash is being replaced by cards and electronic payments, the council will implement contactless payment at all of the 11 public toilet sites.


The public toilets will see the new 30p fee to pee introduced at the following sites: Blackrock; Goldstone Villas; Hove Lagoon; King Alfred; Kings Esplanade; Lower Promenade East; Lower Promenade West; Peter Pan; Royal Pavilion Gardens; The Colonnade; Western Esplanade.

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