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| November 13, 2018

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Inquest into Georgia Jackson’s tragic death finds Xanax as main factor

Inquest into Georgia Jackson’s tragic death finds Xanax as main factor
Georgia Kolakowski

An inquest into the tragic death of student, Georgia Jackson, has taken place. The 21-year-old was found dead by friends at her shared home in Brighton on December 5th, last year. In the days that led to her death, Jackson had taken Ketamine and Xanax with the latter leading to her to her untimely death.

The inquest heard that over the course of two days Jackson went into a downward spiral that was not indicative of her real human nature. The room heard that the deceased was incredibly angry at friends on the Monday and turned up at her friend Gabriella Carter’s house uninvited and in a distressed state. Her friends took her car keys away from her, Carter elaborated it “was not Georgia” who turned up at their door. The second year student of University of Brighton, was not a regular drug user. Post-mortem examinations showed Xanax and Ketamine but neither amount was toxic in her system. There has been a recent trend for Xanax and it’s fake counterparts, in part due to Instagram and Soundcloud rap and trap artists. Those taking the drug may not realise the effect it can cause nor how addictive it can be. The coroner, Veronica Hamilton-Deeley, described Xanax as a “pernicious” drug and said that it played a significant part in Georgia Jackson taking her own life. She said “they were very, very much aware that the Georgia they were seeing on the afternoon of the 4th December last year was not their Georgia”. She went on to say “I cannot record a conclusion that Georgia took her own life because the Georgia who was found is not the Georgia I have come to know. Equally, I cannot record that this was an accident because there was a degree of planning and spontaneity as well. Georgia died when she hanged herself whilst her ability to make rational decisions was impaired”

The inquest at Jury’s Inn was attended by nearly 30 people, most of whom were her best friends, family and emergency service workers. Much was heard of Jackson’s character and how wonderful she was. Her parents said “She was everything to us. She was just a brilliant girl. Xanax is obviously a potent drug and we wouldn’t want anyone to take it. I just can’t believe she’s never going to walk through the door again.” When police were called on the 3rd December to take Miss Jackson home from Miss Carter’s, the responding officer PC Hardy described the car ride home as seeing the side of Jackson that was her true personality, “she made us laugh” and further said that Hardy “broke down [when she died] because it’s rare that, as response officers, we meet people that are nice to us. She was exactly that. I was absolutely devastated.”

Georgia Jackon’s death was an absolute tragedy and shows the dangers of mixing drugs. If you feel affected by anything mentioned in this article please take a look at Pavilions.


  1. Terry

    I would change the phrase, “hanged by friends”. Terrible writing, makes it sound like they hung her 🙁 prrof your articles please when dealing with such upsetting content.

    • Thank you for pointing this out. I wholeheartedly agree and have changed the phrasing now.

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