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| November 19, 2018

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7 Steps To Happiness

7 Steps To Happiness
Gudni Gunnarsson

The time to awaken to your power is now. You are a divine creator, whatever you believe is what you become. By acknowledging that your essence is pure energy, light, and love, you reveal the miracle that is you! Take this seven step journey as described below to live life as you were meant to—in prosperity and gratitude. During this journey, you may discover that I have used certain words and phrases in a way with which you are unfamiliar, contemplate their meaning in you heart not your head and their meaning will be revealed. There are seven steps on this journey, not easy steps but essential ones if you are to arrive at your destination.

Step 1 is awakening to your behaviour. Awareness is the key to transformation and prosperity. It is your essence, primary asset, and the glow radiated by your soul.

Step 2 is becoming responsible for this behaviour and then forgiving yourself. Responsibility is the product of forgiveness. It is the prerequisite of sustained presence, ability, might, and will. It is complete empowerment. You then progress to…

Step 3 where you define your purpose, vision, and goals to create a framework for sustaining and strengthening a conscious permission-based lifestyle.

Step 4 is about commitment. If you do not trust yourself and feel worthy of, and committed to, change, you limit your ability to receive love and prosperity. Commitment is the holy grail of trustworthiness and prosperity. The moment you commit yourself, the universe takes you seriously and your permission to flourish is maximized.

Step 5 reminds you that you reveal your intentions through action. You communicate your worthiness with the language of integrity. Advancement is expressed and projected by the frequency of the heart. Every thought, emotion, gesture, and action is the sacred dialogue of abundance. To will is to act.

Step 6 is about witnessing your progress with love and making the necessary adjustments to your mission to sustain a journey of prosperity. Insight is the permanent state of awareness. It is the compassionate witness experiencing the present moment from the premise of the heart. There is intimacy, unity, and love in every breath.

Step 7 is gratitude, a state of bliss, and energetic generosity. Gratitude is enlightenment. It is the glow of generosity expressed by blessing each moment. It is the realisation that awareness is the primary asset and that when you love fully, you are complete and prosperous: enlightened.

Gudni Gunnarsson

Featured image by Wilka Hudson


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