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Brighton Journal | 2nd April 2020

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7 Things You’ll Only Know If You’re A University Of Brighton Student

7 Things You’ll Only Know If You’re A University Of Brighton Student
Hannah Midgley

Earlier this week we brought you 14 things you’ll only know if you’re a University of Sussex student and now we’re back with Brighton edition, with a little help from my University of Brighton pals.

The famous big lemon, via Pinterest

The famous big lemon, via Pinterest

1. The Big Lemon

The envy of all Sussex students is Brighton’s crown jewel, The Big Lemon. Offering free bus journeys to Brighton students, The Big Lemon has been many a student’s saviour over the years. Despite its infrequency, you can’t deny we would all appreciate a free bus to and from town. Another positive is that you can spot it from a mile away, so there’s no chance of missing it…

The allusive Brighton uni halls... via HNW Architects

The allusive Brighton uni halls… via HNW Architects

2. Where Art Thou Halls?

Being a city university, Brighton is severely lacking in halls. When seeing the university buildings sprawled across town, you may wonder, where are all these poor students staying? Well, one of the answers is Varley Park, located in the lonesome district of Coldean (thank god for the Big Lemon eh?). Unlike Sussex, Brighton has no cheap as chips East Slope equivalent, so you’ll have to hope you get a place in campus accommodation or fend for yourself in the big city…

Brighton's slightly less cool cousin, via Geograph

Brighton’s slightly less cool cousin, via Geograph

3. Getting Excited To Live In Brighton Then Realising Your Campus Is Actually In Eastbourne

Applying to the University of Brighton you may think the location is clear (it is in the name after all)… Well unfortunately not, as the university also has campuses in Eastbourne and Hastings. Imagine thinking you were coming to study in the gay capital of the UK with bars, clubs and a lovely beach and ending up instead, in the elderly capital of the UK.

"Do you know who so and so is?" via SI-UK

“Do you know who so and so is?” via SI-UK

4. Having No Chance Of Getting To Know Everyone In Your Year

With campuses all over Brighton (AND Hastings & Eastbourne) the chances of getting to know everyone in your year are slim to none. Having your friends from home ask if you know Sophie something or other because “she’s actually in your year at Brighton” is getting a liiiittle tiresome…

"Uh which ones are the North lanes again?" via Sky News

“Uh which ones are the North lanes again?” via Sky News

5. Getting To Know The City In The Daytime (Not Just On Nights Out)

With most Brighton students having to live in town (due to that oh so inconvenient aforementioned lack of accommodation), walking to lectures means getting to know the town unlike Sussex students. Whilst Sussex students were sailing into town every night on the 25, Brighton students were seasoned professionals within their first term. So if you ever want to know where’s hot and where’s not, find yourself a Brighton student!

Where the rivalry is at its peak... via Flickriver

Where the rivalry is at its peak… via Flickriver

6. The Unmatched Rivalry With Sussex Students

Late night bus journeys back to Varley (when the Big Lemon isn’t running *single tear*) wouldn’t be complete without hearing Sussex students chant drunkenly about how their uni is “like so much better”. The Sussex vs Brighton rivalry is a tale as old as time, but apparently it’s not gotten boring yet… Hm who’s betting that they’re just jealous their uni doesn’t care enough to give them a Big Lemon?

Classic maths student...via University of Bath

Classic maths student…via University of Bath

7. Knowing Which Brighton Students Study Arts & Which Do Business Purely Based On Their Clothing

On stepping onto the Grand Parade campus, if you weren’t already, you’d be very aware that the students there were studying either photography, philosophy or politics. The white people with dreadlocks, the brightly coloured hair, the unnecessarily low harem pants all point to “creative types”. Venture a little further to the Moulsecoomb campus and you’ll find tracksuits, huaraches and fades for days. All signs point to boys venturing into the world of business hoping to become the next Alan Sugar…


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