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Brighton Journal | 6th December 2019

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8 Reasons Why Powerlifting can Change a Womans Life

8 Reasons Why Powerlifting can Change a Womans Life
  • On 22nd October 2015

When it comes to powerlifting we picture Hulk-like men with muscles like a mountain range, almost walking with their knees bent because their thighs are so thick they can hardly stand up straight. Well guess what? Apparently powerlifting – however unfeminine it may seem – is one of the best ways for women over 35 to keep fit. So get ready to pump those muscles and we promise you won’t grow a beard or turn out like He-Man. Here is why:

1 After 35 women lose approximately 5% of their muscle mass every ten years, if they live a sedentary life and don’t use their muscle very much. As we all know, our metabolism slows down when we have less muscles to burn the fat which results in weight gain.

2 When we perform strengthening exercises our muscles break down and we build new stronger ones instead which demands a lot of energy. Therefore we burn more fat even after we have finished our training. The heavier the weight, the stronger our muscles become and the more efficient our metabolism will be.

3 You will become more lean and your body composition will improve. Don’t worry about becoming big and manly. You’ll need a lot of testosterone for that to happen and woman with natural hormonal production don’t have enough of the hormone for that to happen.

4 Your self esteem will improve and you’ll feel empowered when you don’t need help opening that jar or lifting heavy things. It makes life easier today but the future benefits will be even greater when we reach old age and want to be able to get out of bed without the help of others and play with our grandchildren.

Who doesn’t want to get stronger?

5 You’ll be a part of a community, meet new people and have some fun.

6 You’ll prevent loss of bone density which is a growing concern with woman after menopause in Britain. You can read why here.

7 It’s a something new to do and you can easily change the routine for some variety by following two or three different programs.

8 You will get quick results and very soon you’ll see the difference in the mirror and feel it on your clothes. What’s better than that?

Feature picture by Greg Westfall

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