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| January 17, 2019

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Access to Music Need Our Signatures!

Access to Music Need Our Signatures!
Holly Martin

A petition by Zoe Parker to relocate Access To Music is nearing its target amount of signatures, but it needs your help. Access to Music ‘develops a student’s creativity, intellect and vocational ambition through broad, relevant engagement with music and music-related curriculum’. An alternative to a sixth-form college, Access to Music has helped so many young people find their feet in an otherwise extremely tough industry to break.

Access to Music gives students access to equipment and recording space they may not have been able to find without it – image: accesstomusic

On March 22nd Access to Music were told that the building they are currently residing in is being knocked down and at the end of the year, Access to Music will no longer continue. Zoe says in the petition letter ‘we at access to music have become a family, a community and now it’s been taken away from us…we ask that everyone stands behind this and tries to help us stay as a college but in another building…if we get as many people behind this as possible there is a chance that many of us can finish our qualifications, teachers can keep jobs and we can keep all the friendships we’ve made’.

Access to Music means a lot to both the teachers and the students therefore it would be devastating to see this college close. It takes less than five minutes to sign the petition for Brighton and Hove Council to help relocate Access to Music and it will make a world of difference. To sign the petition click here.

Holly Martin –

Feature image by Access to Music

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