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| November 22, 2018

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Accessories Respond to Environmental Changes

Accessories Respond to Environmental Changes
Holly Martin

We are constantly reacting to our environment, quickly deciding to grab a jacket or an umbrella, opting for a t shirt instead of a jumper, but what if our accessories also reacted to the environment with us? The Unseen is an experimental fashion studio that have created a range of accessories that respond to environmental changes. The Unseen previously created colour-shifting wearable sculptures and have used the same ink to create these accessories. Leather bags, wallets, phone cases and jewellery are among the items being sold at Selfridge’s department store in London. The Unseen founder Lauren Bowker has told dezeen that ‘the accessories react to different environments…each accessory has its own formula and so each piece was designed to give a different experience’. The wallet and phone cases are said to respond to touch, reacting to circulation patterns. The colours vary from red, black, green and blue depending on the temperature of the user. The backpack will change colour according to the wind, sunlight and temperature levels and there is an alligator shoulder bag that changes colour seasonally, as the ink has a formula that tracks UV light level, humidity and heat. This is the first wearable fashion The Unseen have done, after previously showcasing things such as headdresses with similar ink and a jacket that changes colour depending on the wearers mood (I would assume that the jacket doesn’t break as soon as you leave the shop unlike mood rings). The limited edition products are on sale at Selfridges on Oxford Street.

all images from and belong to The Unseen


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