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Brighton Journal | 5th April 2020

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Actors Cause a Scene in City Yesterday

Actors Cause a Scene in City Yesterday
Hannah Midgley

If you were in the city center yesterday you may have noticed the film crews, the actors and the big sign that said ‘filming in progress’. It was these clues that led me to believe that something was afoot, and alas I was right. A new sitcom The Rebel, was being filmed in Brighton starring Anita Dobson and Simon Callow. Mock protesters led a demonstration outside the Unitarian Church yesterday as part of the new TV show.

Simon Callow

Callow plays pensioner Henry Palmer, a near seventy-year-old former Mod who seeks to reclaim his youth after the death of his wife. He sheds his well-to-do trapping to re-live his Parka-wearing, Vespa-riding days. The show has been adapted from a comic strip of the same name by Andrew Birch from the satirical magazine, Private Eye. The show is being filmed as a three-part series directed and produced by Vadim Jean who is known for The Hogfather and The Colour of Magic. Callow has a more than impressive back catalogue of work and is also known as a writer, musician and theatre director. Anita Dobson is best known for her role in long running soap Eastenders, where she played the part of Angie Watts. You can catch the series later this year on Gold.



Holly Martin

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