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Brighton Journal | 21st February 2020

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Age UK encourages Brighton & Hove to get involved with the Big Knit

Age UK encourages Brighton & Hove to get involved with the Big Knit
Hannah Midgley

Do you remember how every year around Christmas, tiny woollen bobble hats start appearing on your Innocent smoothies? Well, you can expect to see them return to supermarkets near you very soon, as Age UK is back with the #BigKnit, and its asking Brighton and Hove to get knitting!


Age UK is the country’s largest charity that works with older people, providing advance, enabling independence, and combatting loneliness.


Older people are far more vulnerable to chronic loneliness, with an estimated 2 million people over the age of 75 are living alone.


In addition to this, research suggests that approximately 41% of over 65’s living in Brighton are living on their own, proving the issue of loneliness is happening right under our nose.


#TheBigKnit wants Brighton to get knitting!


The Big Knit is a campaign in collaboration with Innocent smoothies, where tiny woollen hats are knitted and place on each bottle cap.


For every smoothie sold, Innocent gives Age UK 25p, which is then used to help fight chronic loneliness in older people.


The campaign has been running since 2003, and has since helped to raise £2.4million for Age UK and the vital work they do.


Age UK Brighton & Hove (@ageukbh) took to Twitter this afternoon to let residents know the Big Knit is back!


If you would like to get involved in the great cause, knitting templates can be found on the Age UK website. Feel free to knit as many hats as you like, the more you can donate, the more money will be raised to help vulnerable older people.


This family-friendly campaign allows people of all ages to get involved, taking away the pressures of financial donation to charities, and spreading awareness of the need to help others.


For all Brighton & Hove residents, please take your knitted hats to 29-31 Prestonville Road, Brighton, BN1 3TJ




Featured image provided by Bernard Spragg.

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