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| November 16, 2018

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The Anti-Valentine African Supper Club @ the Tempest Inn

The Anti-Valentine African Supper Club @ the Tempest Inn
Peggy Bain
  • On February 15, 2018

The Tempest Inn is opening its doors to the Lerato supper club tonight, serving up traditional and delicious African food to warm the soul. You’re sure to leave chock full of hearty, tasty food cooked with love.

On tonight’s menu you’ll find roasted plantains with nomadic West African Suya spices, Raddichio, carrots and pomegranates (African passion on a plate), sumptuous black eyed bean tart and steamed greens, smoked pepper and prawns, and braised kale and mixed peppers.

There will also be delicious sweet treats for dessert, in the form of a baked pear with vanilla ice cream, served with a date puree and spiced ‘chin chin’ crumbs.

‘In Africa we believe, we are all equal especially when we come together to share food around the same table.’

Drinks are available at the bar. It is asked that you specify any special dietary requirements including veganism or vegetarianism before attending tonight.

‘Do give Lerato’s Supper club a try. … I really enjoyed the experience of trying new food with interesting people in new surroundings.’ – Lorraine Pascale

‘Lerato produced this whole meal for a room chocful of people and still somehow managed to come cooly out the other end looking like a model. Does she have a kitchen stunt double?!’ – Muddy Stilettos

  • The Tempest Inn, Kings Road Arches, Brighton, E Sussex, BN1 1NB
  • 15th February – 8pm-10pm

Don’t miss this feast! You can book your table for tonight here 

Featured image by PROAntonio Marín Segovia

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