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Brighton Journal | 2nd April 2020

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Are You Ready to Spring into Action?

Are You Ready to Spring into Action?
Hannah Midgley

It’s great to be in touch again after a very busy few weeks.  Have you noticed that since I last wrote the evenings have become considerably longer, the mornings lighter and the signs of Spring are all around us.

I always marvel that at this time of year life begins to grow again.  From the ground that looks so completely dead and forgotten, a beautiful array of colourful flowers burst forth, raising their heads of white, yellow, blue and purple to brighten up our day.

It illustrates to me that given a coming together of the right conditions (warmth, sunlight, air and water) life renews itself after the dormant period of winter.

In the world of flora and fauna there is a natural cycle to have periods of rest and restoration followed by periods of growth and expansion.  As human beings in a very “civilisation, rationalised, digitalised” age we often don’t the luxury to follow these natural cycles of life.  We have to continue to honour the timetable of our 9-5 jobs, family commitments and society’s schedule throughout the year.  Perhaps during the winter months we stay at home more, snuggling up in front of the TV, but we still may feel guilty that we aren’t “getting out” enough or there is a nagging feeling that we should be doing more.

Similarly, as the Spring tentatively emerges we may feel an impetus to be more creative, start new projects, try different experiences or be more expressive but something in us holds us back.  Perhaps lack of time due to work pressures, perhaps a fear of leaving our comfort zones, perhaps a need to fit in to our social group, not wanting to rock the boat.

However, this is indeed the perfect time to fling open the doors of your mind and breathe in the fresh, new, revitalising energy of the Spring.  Now is the time to throw caution to the wind and reinvent yourself; just a little!  Go to that yoga class, apply for your dream job, start writing the book or join the dating website….

Why now?  Because right now coming together are the perfect conditions to facilitate and support a new lease of life. Exactly in the same way the seeds and bulbs of the flowers are responding to the changing of the season you and I are also being deeply affected by the environment around us.

We all naturally find it easier to get up in the morning when it is light, the increased sunlight and blue skies uplift our mood and invigorate us.  As we see the blossom on the trees and hear baby lambs in the fields we sense this awaking of the abundance of life in the very cells of our body.  In the core of our being we respond instinctively to the flourishing plants and the increased bird song, even if we are not 100% conscious and aware of it on a rational level – Spring feeds our soul.  It is a time to celebrate life and activate our zest for living.

So, I urge you to embrace life this week, take time to notice the little signs of Spring that you can witness even whilst living in the hustle, bustle of a big city like Brighton. Let those signs energise you and then say “YES” to a new invitation or do that thing you have been putting off over the winter.  The conditions are exactly right for you to SPRING into action.

The picture I have used is by a wonderful friend Alina Mihailova at Walsingham Abbey, Norfolk.

Good Luck, ‘til next time, hugs from Helen!

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