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Brighton Journal | 27th January 2020

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Artist of the Week: Lulu Clark

Artist of the Week: Lulu Clark
Elizabeth Richardson

This week Brighton Journal spoke to Lulu Clark, a local jewellery designer who takes inspiration from geometric shapes, texture and form. We discussed Lulu’s favourite things to do locally, and how her current collection puts an emphasis on recycling and repurposing materials.

What are you doing today?

Weighing, measuring and hand rolling a mountain of various sized felt beads.


Describe where you do most of your creative work.

At home – usually with a cup of tea and a sketch book to hand.


What’s the most exciting thing you’ve worked on?

Probably the designs I’m just finishing sketching up, which will form a more structural collection I’m taking to a couple of emerging fashion designers I’d love to collaborate with. The prospect of seeing one of my necklaces on a catwalk model is hugely exciting.


What made you decide to become an artist?

I’ve been in design and branding for my whole career, so whilst I never really decided to become an artist, I think my passion has always been in creating and crafting emotive pieces through whichever medium I use.


What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a recycled collection, repurposing old bike inner tubes and turning them into both chunky industrial pieces and also delicate and whimsical ones, by experimenting with different stringing and cutting techniques.


What are the key themes in your work?

Geometric shapes, texture and form.


What would you like people to notice about your work?

How the simplicity of those things (shapes, texture & form) can be crafted into something more than just jewellery, but become bold and beautiful art pieces that transform a simple outfit.


What attracts you to the medium you work in?

The balance and tension created by the opposing materials I choose; tactile pure wool felt against smooth matt rubber, or bare industrial concrete alongside delicate silver leaf.


What equipment could you not do without?

Long nose jewellery pliers.


Who or what inspires you?

Pretty much everything and everyone inspires me – but my love of all things bold and beautiful definitely began during my 10 years living in Australia where I was lucky enough to enjoy and draw inspiration from some of the most vivid colours and textures nature has to offer.


How is your work affected by living in this area?

Living amongst so many creatively talented people in Brighton certainly has encouraged me to take what began as a hobby to the next level.


What’s your favourite thing to do locally?

Sit and enjoy the peace & quiet on the beach whilst listening to the waves over the top of a podcast or two…


What’s your favourite gallery (or place to see/experience art)?

The Brighton and Hove Artists’ Open House Festival – I’m overwhelmed with inspiration when I see how other artists use different materials in their creations.


If you could collaborate with one artist, from any time, who would it be and why?

Barbara Hepworth. I love the simplicity and exploration of organic shapes and form in her sculptures.


What’s your favourite colour?

Teal or petrol blue

To find out more about Lulu and her work, take a look at her Etsy and Instagram.


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