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Brighton Journal | 4th April 2020

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New year, new you? Here’s Revitalise

10th January 2020 |

It’s the first month of a new year and a new decade. All across our city, people are making New Year’s resolutions. Most will revolve around a healthier lifestyle, changing their intake of certain food and alcohol. Many of these … Read More

Ready to venture out again? Here’s the first place you should head to

8th January 2020 |

Amongst the lukewarm embers of the last decade, we told you about Cyan. Just over a month ago we attended the opening night of Brighton’s biggest and boldest new restaurant. The latest food and drink concept to sit at the … Read More

Re: Crowdfunder funds.

7th January 2020 |

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Hi Elin,

Thanks for the email – it went into my junk mail. And I’ve only just seen y= our Facebook messages. I never go on Facebook!

Good to hear … Read More

Crowdfunder funds.

18th December 2019 |

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Hi Elin and Natalia,

As promised I have sent out the Crowdfunder money and divided it up into th= irds, as agreed all those weeks ago.

However, there are a … Read More

A couple of Lucky Khaos, out to graze

17th December 2019 |

You know Lucky Khao, don’t you? It’s at the bottom of St Jame’s Street, Kemptown. It used to be called Pike and Pine? It does great coffee during the day under the guise of Redroaster?

Ah, there you go! … Read More

An array of genres, colour, costume and song: Believe, The Cher Songbook

16th December 2019 |

It wasn’t your usual Sunday night entertainment, even for the city where merriment can be found anywhere at any time, but then ‘Tis the season. It is the season for song, for theatre, for panto, for Christmas jumpers and mulled … Read More

Cher coming to Brighton this weekend? You better Believe it

14th December 2019 |

This Sunday, Brighton Journal are going along to the marvellous Theatre Royal for a night of dazzling costume changes, outstanding musicianship and spectacular production.

That’s right, the best Cher tribute act around is landing on the South Coast for … Read More

Exclusive: The Grand unveils new concept just in time for the festive season

5th December 2019 |

We teased you last week about our attendance at Brighton’s latest dining destination and now we can exclusively reveal all. We present to you: Cyan.

Featured Image © Emma Croman

The Grand Brighton can now boast Cyan as its new … Read More

First look at Brighton’s hottest new restaurant

27th November 2019 |

Our dynamic restaurant scene, which is the envy of the whole of the South East, will have a new addition this Friday.

All Images © Cyan

Cyan, which promises to be an all day dining hot spot, will cater for … Read More

Following up after video chat/update.

22nd October 2019 |

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Hi Elin, Just a quick message to go over everything we spoke about on the video chat= and also a couple of updates from today: Firstly, thanks for the chat – it was good to hear … Read More