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Brighton Journal | August 17, 2019

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Posts ByNoemi Cachit, Author at Brighton Journal

Anti-Social Youth: Police ask for the public’s help

August 14, 2019 |

On Sunday afternoon, 23rd of June, a group of young individuals stormed the Brighton Marina ASDA store with their bikes. The incident that left the members of public stunned and frightened is still under investigation by Sussex Police and the … Read More

This Week’s Recipe: Vegan Pumpkin Burgers

August 14, 2019 |

Burgers are often the first choice for lunch or dinner for many people, especially after a long tiring day. The reason why is simple, it is fast and easy to make. Burgers, however, are often deemed unhealthy when purchased at … Read More

Campaign to introduce Plastic Free Events in Brighton and Hove

August 7, 2019 |

Plastic has become a priority topic between climate change activists and ordinary people for the past few years. The reduction of plastic use is in demand everywhere and the rise of petitions and protests are the result of it.

Action … Read More

About the Older LGBTQ Project

July 29, 2019 |





Loneliness can be extremely hard at any time in life, especially as we become older. Switchboard is an organisation that helps Older LGBTQ people with regular activities and support. The Project is working hard on tackling … Read More

This week’s selection of films

July 29, 2019 |







The Cinema is a perfect place for a date, a hobby or a friend’s night out. The rise of technology and home activities, such as watching TV haven’t had a massive impact on Cinema … Read More

What’s on this weekend: 26th – 28th of July

July 24, 2019 |

In the vibrant city of Brighton & Hove there is always something exciting to do. The list is endless but don’t you worry. At Brighton Journal we came up with a list of exciting events for you to consider.


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