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| January 17, 2019

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Be Brightonian

Be Brightonian


On the left we have Sapphire (18). Originally from Brighton she studies photography at City College and loves Brighton because of its creativity. On the right, Scarlett (18) is also a Brighton native. She studies Art in Farnden and loves our city because of its diversity.


This is Holly (20). Hailing from Devon she moved to Brighton to work on her music career. Now fronting a band called Fable. Her favourite thing about the city is the night life. There is always something to do.


Here is Robb (59). Originally from  Hounslow, Robb moved to Brighton because it is a nicer area. He is now a teacher and songwriter. He loves Brighton because it is a creative and positive place to be.


Firstly we have Robynne (22). Hailing from Essex,  she moved to Brighton to be with her family. She now studies fashion and loves Brighton because it has a fun and quirky vibe. Then, in the middle, we have Jack (22). He originates from our very own city. He is a fashion photographer and loves Brighton because of its ‘cool vibe’. Lastly here is Elliot (21) who was only here to visit but loves our city none the less. He loves Brighton especially because of its creative people.


Finally we have Urmee and Bertie. She is 33 and the pup was 2 years old this week. Urmee was originally born in Kent but now calls Hove her home. She is a journalist and  a TV producer who lived in Sao Paolo but decided she needed a respite, somewhere quieter and by the sea, so Brighton was the best choice. Her favourite thing about the city is how relaxed and dog friendly it is.

Text and Pictures by Lucy Evers

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