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| December 10, 2018

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Be Brightonian

Be Brightonian

So, it’s come round so very fast. This week is the 10th week of Be Brightonian and it’s been fabulous to meet some wonderful people along the way. To celebrate this occasion I have decided to do a ‘Behind the Counter’ special. This special is focused on the awesome guys at Bond Street Coffee. I have met so many of their wonderful staff and always feel so welcome and comfortable in their presence.


This is Stevie Mac (32). Originally from Southampton. My favourite things about Brighton are it’s bi-polar weather, and the ruggedness of the sea.

12351446_10208146551524866_1291321561_oBlosson Mckenzie-King, 23. Hails from Sydney, Australia. Her favourite thing about Brighton is that there is something for everyone in this town. There are so many cultures and subcultures rocking around and you just know that each person has they’re own community and networks that they belong to.

12351436_10208146551084855_952191346_oThis is Dudley Powell (24). Originally from Oxford. His favourite thing is the sheer amount of amazing local bands.

I had a chat with Stevie and asked him a couple details about Bond Street. ‘Bond Street opened in September 2014. It opened because Chris Campbell (the owner) went into business with Horsham Coffee Roasters and decided to open a cafe. The purpose of Bond Street is to showcase the excellence and uniqueness of single origin coffees sourced and roasted by Horsham. This is what makes it different from every other coffee shop: we exclusively use single origins roasted by Horsham’

Photos and text by Lucy Evers.

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