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| January 16, 2019

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Be Brightonian

Be Brightonian
  • On December 13, 2015


Here we have Ellie, age 26. She hails from South Wales, moved to Brighton to study and now works at Music College. Her favourite thing about the city is the music scene and the fact that there are always gigs on.

Please welcome Jorja (22). Originally from Guernsey in the Channel Islands. She moved to Brighton because it was similar to her home town by the sea, but has better and more exciting night life. She now works at Genie Design and Print and her favourite thing will always be being by the sea.

This is Richard, 26. Originally from Rugby, he left for Brighton because he wanted to broaden his horizons. He now works in PR  and marketing. His favourite thing is the amazing food everywhere.

On the left we have Megan, 24. Hailing from New Zealand she moved to London and popped down to our city for the long weekend away. She is currently “in the early stages of a social enterprise”. She loves Brighton because of the city’s great vibe and how friendly and chilled it is here. The best things for her are the vast amount of local and independent stores. Then we have Stephen (27) on the right. Born in Singapore he moved over to Dorset and is now a lawyer in London. He often visits our city as his brother lives here. He loves Brighton because it reminds him of his university home in Bristol and also because we have really great pubs.

Text and photos by Lucy Evers.

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