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Brighton Journal | July 21, 2019

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‘Be the Change’, programme to help disengaged teenagers

‘Be the Change’, programme to help disengaged teenagers
Lorraine Bigi

Sussex Police launched on the 31st January the programme ‘Be the Change’, an innovative event aimed at helping teenagers become stronger and more confident.

The programme, first launched in 2015, targets young people that may have become disengaged with school, lack confidence or do not believe in themselves. By working on these issues, ‘Be the Change’ is hoping to provide them better educational and employment prospects.

Local employers such as American Express and Legal & General have provided their help by mentoring the teenagers, sharing their own experiences in working hard towards their dream career.

Other events include 1:1 sessions, workplace visits and activities focusing on themes such as happiness, hope and relationships.

Detective Inspector Donna Ward, Brighton and Hove Serious Organised Crime Community Co-ordinator, said: “We are really proud that alongside our partners, we have been able to make this happen for the young people of Brighton and Hove.

“We know that there is a direct correlation between school exclusions and the likelihood of being drawn into crime and so supporting those who are disengaged in education and empowering them to make positive choices acts as an excellent early preventative measure.”

‘Be the Change’ has been a success for the very beginning, with the volunteers being impressed by the teenagers’ achievements.

Richard Bradford, head at Dorothy Springer, said: “I really enjoyed the ‘Be the Change’ event – I know from talking to the young people we sent how much they gained from it.”

Another volunteer, Susana Morato Grice, VP Network Policy Development, said: “I was very pleased to see that the most challenging [teenager] had a 180 degree change in behaviour during the event and was even offered an apprenticeship at the end. Very fulfilling!”

You can find more information about the programme by visiting the Love Local Job Foundation website.

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