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| November 16, 2018

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Brighton Vegan Favourite ‘Beelzebab’ Opens New Burger Venture Today

Brighton Vegan Favourite ‘Beelzebab’ Opens New Burger Venture Today
Georgia Kolakowski

We have an exclusive for you…’Beelzeburger’ is open at East Street Tap as of today!  The all new venture from the people behind hugely successful ‘Beelzebab’ at The Hope and Ruin are offering up a whole host of new, incredibly tasty treats. I, Georgia, was working just round the corner when they announced on Instagram they were open so I ran as fast as I could and ended up as their first customer! It was so good that I just had to write about it.

Who can find @beelzeburger666 first?

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Their all-new menu is as follows – Beezleburger Ananas / Norm / Mac n Cheese. We’re not going to disclose all of the ingredients that make the burgers up just so you can still be surprised by the crazy delicious combos but expect seitan, maple syrup, pineapples, peanut satay, hash browns and so much more! On the side and for dessert you can expect Fries / Onion Rings / Slaw / Ananas Fritter / Taking Back Sundae. The slaw is made up of carrot & cabbage slaw with garlic mustard mayo, the ‘Ananas Fritter’ is a battered pineapple ring with vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce and finally the shining gem of the menu ‘Taking Back Sundae’, a dessert to cater to all vegan sweet cravings. It has vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream with marshmallows, chocolate sauce & whipped cream – it’s mouthwateringly good!

It’s older sister ‘Beelzebab’ has been going for four years and is hugely popular with locals and visitors alike. The restaurants just prove that vegan food isn’t all quinoa, hummus and buddha bowls and instead you can still eat junk food whilst not harming any animals in the making. Today we had the Mac n Cheese Burger with extra fries and the Ananas with extra slaw, onion rings and fries. A lovely girl who was the second customer also had the ‘Taking Back Sundae’ and she seemed in her own food-induced coma after eating the sugary vegan delight. The Mac n Cheese burger was a small piece of heaven on earth with a very crunchy outside and soft mac and cheese in the middle, it came with thick, juicy and tasty seitan bacon and maple syrup. We were sceptical of how well the syrup would work but it’s a delight on your tastebuds. The Ananas features a seitan patty coated in the infamous ‘chicken poppers’ breading with satay sauce, pineapple, lettuce and bacon. The patty was succulent, juicy and firm around the edges with bite whilst still being able to melt in your mouth. The only criticism that we heard was that the Ananas needed  a tiny bit more crunch in it but there were no complaints when it came to finishing the meal! The bun on both (and all) burgers was insanely good, in so many places the vegan alternative to brioche buns is sourdough or sesame and this was above and beyond anywhere else any of us had eaten at.

Head down to East Street Tap to try it all out. Disclaimer: this is not a paid piece it is purely admiration for their brilliant food and great sustainable plant-based ethos.

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