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| April 19, 2019

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Has your bike been stolen in Brighton?

Has your bike been stolen in Brighton?
Hannah Midgley

Today police have recovered this bike which was stolen from a rack in New Road Brighton.

The bike lock was broken at around 2 am on Friday the 12th of April, and officers arrested two teenage boys on the scene.

Crime Inverstigator Oliver Taylor has said:

“We have located the bike but need to trace its owner. Please get in touch with us if it is your bike or you know who owns it.”

The police have asked residents to report online or ring 101 quoting serial 123 of 12/04 if you are the bike owner or have any information about.

Bike theft is an increasing problem in Brighton and residents have been taking to social media to locate their stolen wheels.

My beautiful new Road Bike was stolen today from Brighton Centre While I was volunteering at the Marathon! It was locked with a Kryptonite D Lock and cable. If you see it anywhere or someone selling it in the area please let me know! It’s worth a lot. It’s called a Trek Emonda ALR 4.” (Hannah Felton, – Facebook, 14th April)

My bike was stolen from outside the Garden Bar in Portslade last night between 8 pm and 8.45 pm. If anyone gets offered a Gary Fisher Tassajara mountain bike in black or knows its whereabouts, I would really appreciate it if it cam back to me. It’s my means of commuting and fitness and has been owned for many years. Hope someone can help.” (Lewis Wilkins – Facebook,10th of April)

Stolen Bike in Brighton around 5.50am this morning (02/04/2019) by someone wearing a bright orange/black jacket with a hood… if anyone sees it please let me know. Woman’s Hybrid Ridgeback Vanteao. Whit with brown seat. Gutted 🙁(Tyra Legge, – Facebook, 2nd April).

The Police have an online list “Ten ways to prevent anyone taking your bike“, which include tips such as double-locking, registering and acting fast.

If your bike has been stolen you should act as quickly as possible.

Stolen Bikes in the UK can help to spread the word and offer you advice.

Bikeshd and Find that bike  list adverts for bikes put on online marketplaces, which you can check often to see if yours has been listed.

Further forums include:

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