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| December 10, 2018

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Bin Or Second Life? What To Do With The Old Stuff You Don’t Want Anymore!

Bin Or Second Life? What To Do With The Old Stuff You Don’t Want Anymore!
Laura Bohrer

An old bike we have long stopped using, the dress we bought for that wedding back in the day and have never worn again, the toys our children used to play with when they were young… There are so many things we do not use anymore and that pile up in our attics and cellars, where all it does is attract more and more dust over the years.

And every time we walk past them, we say to ourselves ‘I should really get rid of all this crap!’ Then comes the question: What to do with all the stuff? Here are our suggestions for you on how to dispose of any unwanted stuff.

Join the group, do your post, get rid of it!

In a time where we use the internet and social media for pretty much everything, Facebook has also turned into a buying and selling platform for all sorts of second-hand objects. In the Brighton and Hove area, there is a number of groups you can join to post whatever you want to sell.

Try Things for sale or FREE to collector in Brighton and HoveItems for sale Brighton/Hove/Portslade/Southwick/Shoreham, Stuff for sale or for free in the Brighton area or Brighton & Hove items for sale.


Do it the old-fashioned way!

For those of you who are not so keen on using social media but prefer putting a real ad on paper, the next Friday isn’t far away. Lying out in shops, stores and cafes all over Brighton, Friday-Ad is a weekly free classified paper.

Whatever it is that you want to sell, your ad can go in there. And the best thing is that it’s not only free for you to pick it up but also to put your ad in there. For private advertising, you can simply call 01273 837921.

Credit @ Brighton Car Boot Sale.

Credit @ Brighton Car Boot Sale.

Head to the races on Sunday!

No, this isn’t about trying to sell your old stuff to the masses passionately following the race. Every Sunday from 10:30 am to 4 pm, there is a big Car Boot Sale taking place at Brighton’s racecourse.

For sellers, the main entrance on Manor Hill opens at 8:30 am, leaving you enough time to put all your unwanted items nice and neatly on display. For £10, you get as much space as you want or need. For more information, call 07725 910304 or email

Picture taken from here.

Picture taken from here.

For the early birds!

If you prefer starting to sell in the early hours to still have a free Sunday afternoon afterwards, the Brighton Marina Boot Market is the place for you to show your haggling skills. Starting from 6 am, this car boot sale is on the top floor of the Brighton Marina car park. Bays are £12 and can be paid on arrival. Official end is at 2 pm.

Bays are £12 and can be paid on arrival. Official end is at 2 pm. For further inquiries, call 01895 639912 or 07885 205105.

Credit @

Credit @

Do your bit for charity!

If you are not the big sales talent or if you simply want to support a good cause, you can also just donate your old goods to charity shops. As long as they are still in good condition, Brighton’s Oxfam shops will thankfully take your old clothing, shoes, bags, accessories…

All you have to do is check whether what you want to donate is in a good condition, bag your items and drop them off directly at one of the Oxfam shops in Brighton. For a full list of what you can donate, see here.


Featured image taken from here.

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