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| December 10, 2018

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The Book Show – Children’s Exhibition of Contemporary Printmaking

The Book Show – Children’s Exhibition of Contemporary Printmaking
Peggy Bain
  • On March 2, 2018

The Book Show is an exhibition of modern illustration and printmaking that emphasizes and celebrates children’s literature, featuring some of the UK’s most beloved children’s illustrators. The exhibition will have many exciting elements including: a reading room filled with books and decorated by the Arabian Tent Company, a mark making workshop, a book cover drawing competition and a live story time section featuring local authors and special guests. Travel down the rabbit hole to Wonderland, or through Narnia’s wardrobe this spring, as SCIP launch The Book Show.

The exhibition will feature countless well known children’s artist’s, all with their own recognizable style and techniques. These will include Benji Davies, Graham Carter, Lesley Barnes, Bjorn Rune Lie, Tom Frost, Josie Jo, Sally Elford, Onneke, Helen Musselwhite, Anthony Peters,Paul Cleden, Alex T Smith, Peskimo, Ruth Thorpe, Lisa Evans, Polly Dunbar, Gary Milne, Vanessa Moonci,  Andy Smith. All the limited edition art work displayed will be for sale!

Featured image by Luke Gattuso

Graham Carter was commissioned to design Brighton’s Burning the Clocks piece for this year’s event; his geometric, fragmented portrayals of creatures are sure to enthrall adults as well as little ones in their detail. Lesley Barnes’ work has won several awards and has been shown at film festivals across the world. ‘Peskimo’ is a design duet made up of two university friends, Jodie and David, whose work has been featured on t-shirts, magazines, billboards and even the walls of nightclubs. This exhibition will showcase a vast array of talent.

All these children’s illustrators are critically acclaimed, but that is where their similarities end. It is astounding that every artist has a style so unique that you could spot it from miles away. From the intricate paper delicacies of Helen Musselwhite, to Polly Dunbar’s soft, sweet pastel characters, to Andy Smith’s sinewy, monochromatic comic book figures, each illustrator defines a style completely apart from the others.

Featured image by Elizabeth

Printmaking is the the process of creating an original piece, because all prints are slightly different due to variables in the process, rather than simply being a reproduction. The process can produce multiples of the same piece, each one is called a print. Prints are generally created by transferring ink through a screen onto a sheet of paper or another material. The matrix from which the print has been taken is often destroyed once the print is complete, to make it impossible to recreate.

Featured image by

Visit for full event details, and to book your children’s place at the workshop.

Arts @ The Crypt,, Church Street, Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 1HE

The exhibition will be available from 28 Feb 2018 – 4 Mar 2018

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